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This is for all of you who come to this web site. I hope you are not disappointed - we try to answer many of your questions through this web site. There will be more to share soon. We are working on updating you soon... Please place your thoughts in the Guest Book on this site. Thank you.

Please read the Guestbook on this web site you may find interesting things from Pat Conroy readers like you.

When Pat Conroy left this world on March 4, 2016, he gifted us a body of work that continues to inspire and entertain readers around the world. This site will be maintained in order to bring news to his fans of any new works about him or even potentially by him that could interest you, his fans and readers. As many of you know, Pat Conroy had two works in progress when he died, and these works may be made available in months and years ahead as we find a way...

Listen to these unforgettable five minutes of Pat Conroy speaking from the heart to his extraordinary readers at the closing of the festival in his honor "Pat Conroy at 70th" on October 31, 2015.

This site will also be the place to come to for news of possible film adaptations of his work as well as for updates regarding the much anticipated biography of Pat Conroy by Catherine Seltzer, "Man on Fire", to be published by his longtime editor Nan A. Talese/Knopf. It is a moving and definitive literary biography of the man and his work, scheduled for publication in 2022 but due to its complexity it has been delayed to second part of 2023. Your patience will be handsomly rewarded..!!

As always, we encourage you to continue to write in this site’s Guest Book and/or send messages through the contact form. We will keep in touch with you!!

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Prince of Tides Series?

We may soon have another way to show our love for The Prince of Tides and our beloved author, Pat Conroy, our “Prince of Words”, if a multipart series based on this novel makes it out into the world! Yesterday the news leaked out regarding a multipart series currently being developed by Apple, …

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The Empty Armchair revisited…

The Armchair that went empty on March 4th 2016 is still empty, although great love is surrounding it and embracing Pat’s widow, writer Cassandra King Conroy, who feels the love of family, friends and Pat’s devoted readers like yourself, especially today. I have been posting some thoughts and …

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